Everything you need to know about PHP 8

You may have noticed that several hosting companies that offer web hosting have started advertising that you can use PHP 8 with them. But is PHP 8 something you should be aware of, and what impact could it have on your website?

There may be several good reasons to update your WordPress or Joomla site to use PHP 8.0. Among other things, it helps to increase the speed of your website. In this blog post, we dive into what else the new PHP update will mean for your website.

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About PHP 7.4 end-of-life

We receive many questions from customers about whether or not we plan to stop offering PHP 7.4.

Simply.com has no plans to remove or stop offering PHP 7.4, just as we still offer several other PHP 7 versions (and even PHP 5.6).

We will set our default PHP version to PHP 8.0 when WordPress and various themes start recommending it over PHP 7.4. We’ll give plenty of notice before making any changes.

If you want to use PHP 8, you can set this up for your web space – read more about this here: https://www.simply.com/en/support/faq/php/503/

Change to websmtp.simply.com

We have made a change, so that websmtp.simply.com port 25 now requires SMTP-AUTH, just like port 587 always has.

The change is made to avoid abuse of the service, thereby making sure that all customers will have the emails sent from their websites delivered.

More info can be found here https://www.simply.com/en/support/faq/mail/606/

The server is still only available if you are connecting from within our web servers.

Feature: Restart PHP-threads

We’ve made it easier to restart every active PHP-process on your PHP-webspace. Before, this had to be done through SSH, but we’ve now added a “Restart PHP-threads”-shortcut for this through our Control Panel under the menu “Website”.

It may sometimes be desirable to restart PHP-threads, if they end up continuously using a lot of ressources (e.g. because you accidentally installed a bad WordPress-plugin or something) – this is now a bit easier :)