Generation 4 Platform Upgrade

During the last many months we have been working to improve our hosting platform and product.

In other words, we have future-proofed the platform for the next many years and built a solid technical foundation to further develop the product and the platform on for your benefit.

More speed

We have invested significantly in a brand new hardware platform based on the fastest Intel-CPUs. All of our 700+ servers have gotten new hardware.

Following the upgrade of the servers alone we have seen as much as up to 150% improved PHP performance in some of the preliminary tests we have made.

Furthermore, we have a series of changes planned that are on the way, and that will give an even better response time across all of our products.

New features on the way

We have more optimizations on the way, which among other things include:

  • Faster execution with SSL
  • Faster static-delivery
  • Performance monitoring
  • Faster e-mail platform
  • MySQL 8
  • Improved caching of some of the most popular CMSs, which we know our customers are using.

It is our clear goal to keep giving you full control over what you can do with your web space, instead of being locked down by lots of ridiculous or regulatory implementations. We will on our end then of course ensure optimization of all parts of our delivery from the webserver and downwards.

All customers will be activated on the Generation 4 Platform during August automatically.

We will make sure to announce, on our blog, whenever we make any significant changes, and when we implement the functions mentioned above. Furthermore, as always, we continously add functions and corrections to all parts of our website and control panel, which makes the a class of its own.

PHP 7.4

Along with the platform upgrade we launch the option to run PHP 7.4, and we are also ready for when PHP 8.0 is released later this year. We’ve also made it possible to choose freely which PHP version you wish for your web space to run.

wp-cli and composer are now also pre-installed on all web spaces.

Free E-Mail Alias

We are making mail aliases free for all Standard, Pro and Enterprise products. This means that if you have a domain alias on any of these products, you can from this change on, easily and free of charge activate mail alias on these domains as well. This was 1 EUR per month per mail alias previously.

Updated Prices

As part of the investment in a new platform we are also adjusting the monthly product prices so we can keep delivering strong, stable web spaces with high speed, useful functions, and top-notch security in the future as well.

The new prices follow the general market and look like this:

Basic Suite: 4 EUR/md.
Standard Suite:
8 EUR/md.
Pro Suite:
12 EUR/md.
Enterprise Suite:
21 EUR/md.

The price change takes effect on September 1st 2020 and is applicable from the next time a product enters into a new period.

Up to the 1st of September 2020, we offer all of our customers the option to renew existing products to their “old price” through the control panel.