Choose a specific PHP version

Our philosophy has always been, that the most recent PHP version is the best. This means that we have “forced” customers up to the recommended and most secure PHP version. This has automatically given customers lots of benefits with regards to security and performance.

Through several PHP updates, however, we have seen that many customers wish to remain on a specific PHP version as their shop or CMS does not support the newest PHP version, and the process of upgrading it is not always as tangible as one would like.

We therefore now offer that customers can choose a specific PHP version for their web space. This means, that if you use for example Magento 2.1 (which specifically demands PHP 7.0) or Prestashop (which demands PHP 7.1), you can now actively choose this and always use this PHP version in the future.

This of course also means that you miss out on all of the benefits in the new PHP versions, but by selecting a specific PHP version you can choose yourself when to upgrade.

You can read more about how you choose a specific PHP version for your web space here: